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Portable Dock Boards:.

We have a variety of dock boards, access platforms and ramps for all your material handling needs. Review our selection of loading dock boards below as well as our product specification documents.

Steel Dockboard with Welded Curbs
Fully welded all steel curbs.
Heavy steel treadplate deck for high durability and extended service life.
Most durable for the greatest value.
Engineered for the toughest duty cycles.
Several lifting devices available.
Drop through lift loops standard.
Lift chains also available.

Aluminum Dockboard with Welded Curbs
Fully welded aluminum curbs for the highest strength.
Tough aluminum treadplate for lightweight, corrosion-free surface.
Premium dockboard.
Mid to rough duty cycles.
Lightweight maneuverability.

Aluminum Dockboard with Bolt-On Steel Curbs
Structural steel curbs bolted on 6" centers.
Tough aluminum treadplate deck for lightweight, high traction, corrosion free surface.
Low cost alternative.
Light to mid duty cycles.
Lightweight maneuverability.

Dock Plates
Available in steel or aluminum in many gauges.
Used in lighter capacity applications where low height differences exist
and safety curbs are not necessary.
Rugged 1/2" thick steel locking legs attached with high strength, vibration
proof fasteners.
Knuckle saver strap handle.

Dockboard Accessories

Locking Pins
Locks span manually.
Used in conjunction with fixed locking legs.
Locks dockboard in place for uneven dock conditions.
Allows for 6" of adjustment.
Greater adjustment available if necessary.

Locks dockboard in place when an uneven dock condition exists or with a park-out situation.
Available on welded aluminum dockboards.

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Dock Board Rolling Image Script
Steel Dockboard with Welded Curbs

Product Information
Dock And Rail Board Brochure
Determining Dockboard Capacity and Length
Specifications - Dock Board
Specifications - Dock Plate
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