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Specialty Dock Levelers:.
Blue Giant Hydraulic Barrier Lip
Blue Giant Hydraulic Strong Arm
Blue Giant Hydraulic Vertical
Nordock Hydraulic Vertical
Nordock Hydraulic Rail Dock
Nordock Sliding Rail Dock

Air Powered Dock Levelers:.
Blue Giant Air Cylinder Series
Blue Giant Dual Air Bag Series
Nordock Flex Lip Series
Nordock Industrial Series
Nordock Super Duty Series
Nordock Constructor Series
Nordock Barrier Series

Hydraulic Dock Levelers:.
Blue Giant A Series
Blue Giant Dual U Series
Nordock Flex Lip Series
Nordock Heavy Duty Series
Nordock Super Duty Series
Nordock Dual Duty Series
Nordock Constructor Series
Nordock Barrier Series
Nordock Dual-Hydraulic Series

Mechanical Dock Levelers:.
Blue Giant A Series
Blue Giant U Series
Blue Giant C Series
Nordock Flex Lip Series
Nordock Industrial Series
Nordock Heavy-Metal Series
Nordock Constructor Series

Edge-Of-Dock Levelers:.
Blue Giant MD-CH Series
Blue Giant MD-CM Series
Copperloy SL Series
Nordock EM, EH & EFH Series

Vehicle Restraints:.
Blue Giant StrongArm Series
Blue Giant TL-85 Hydraulic
Blue Giant ML-10 Mechanical
Nordock Combilok Series
Nordock Impact Series
Nordock Pit-Hook
Nordock Truck-Lock Automatic
Nordock Truck-Lock Manual

Dock Seals:.
Chalfant 3-1 Guardian Seal
Chalfant Standard Dock Seal
Chalfant Curtain Dock Seal
Chalfant L Pad Dock Seal
Nordock FL Series Dock Seal
Nordock FPA Series Adjustable Seal
Nordock FC Series Curtain Seal
Nordock FP Series Stationary Seal
Nordock Rainshild™ Series Seal

Dock Shelters:.
Chalfant Series 400 Soft Shelter
Chalfant Series 700 Flex Shelter
Chalfant Curtain Dock Seal
Chalfant Series 700 Rigid Shelter
Nordock FF FoamFrame™ Series
Nordock DS Series Rigid Shelter
Nordock RetractaFrame™ Shelter

Inflatable Dock Shelters:.
Nordock IS-950 Series
Nordock IS-550 Series
Nordock IR-650 Series Rail

Dock Accessories:.
Copperloy Mobile Yard Ramp
Copperloy Portable Dock Boards
Durable Dock Bumpers
Copperloy Railboards

Safety Products:.
Nordock Safety Barrier Gate
Dock Lights
Heavy Duty Barrier Guardrails

Sectional Overhead Doors:.
Wayne-Dalton Thermospan® 200
Wayne-Dalton Thermospan® 150
Wayne-Dalton Thermospan® 125
Wayne-Dalton Model 216
Wayne-Dalton Model 451

Coiling Doors:.
Wayne-Dalton Model 900
Wayne-Dalton Model 800
Wayne-Dalton Titan Series

Coiling Fire Doors:.
Wayne-Dalton FireStar 700 Series
Wayne-Dalton FireStar 700C Series
Wayne-Dalton FireStar 540-550

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Rolling Griles:.
Wayne-Dalton Model 600 Rolling

Impact Traffic Doors:.
Rubbair Quantum Impact Door
Rubbair Poly-Kor Impact Door
Rubbair Standard Impact Door
Rubbair Poly-Kor XHD Impact Door
Rubbair Ultra-Lite Impact Door
Rubbair Ultra 25 Impact Door
Rubbair TL-250 Impact Door
Rubbair Elite Impact Door
Rubbair Slendor Impact Door
Rubbair Flap-R Impact Door
Rubbair Steel-Lite Impact Door
Rubbair Color
Rubbair EZ Hang Hardware
Rubbair V-Cam Hardware
Rubbair Helical Hinges
Rubbair Vision Panels
Rubbair Impact Protection & Frames

Folding Security Gates:.
Xtra-Duty Store Gates
Folding Security Gates
Barrier Gates

Strip Doors:. Strip Doors

Air Curtains:.
Mars Standard Air Curtain
Mars HV Series Air Curtain
Mars EP Series Air Curtain
Mars WG Series Air Curtain

High Speed Doors:. Albany RapidRoll 670
Albany UltraSecure 3000
Albany UltraTough
Albany UltraFreeze™

In-Plant Lift Tables:.
Advance Lifts P Series
Advance Lifts Ultra High Cycle
Advance Lifts E Series

Tilt Tables:.
Advance Lifts Bin Tilter
Advance Lifts Electric Tilt Tables
Advance Lifts Air Tilt Tables
Advance Lifts Upenders

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Weber Company, Inc.
8140 Mayfield Road
Chesterland, Ohio 44026

Toll-Free: 800.343.6257 (8-5 EST)
Phone: 440.729.0380
Fax: 440.729.0151

Serving Ohio Counties...
Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula, Trumbull, Portage, Mahoning, Stark, Summit, Medina, Wayne, Ashland, Lorain, Erie, Huron, Richland, Knox, Holmes, Coshocton, Guernsey, Tuscarawas, Carroll, Harrison, Jefferson and Belmont

Pennsylvania Counties...
Allegheny, Beaver, Washington, Green, Fayette, Westmoreland, Lawrence, Mercer, Crawford, Erie, Warren, Forest, Venango, Clarion, Armstrong, Sommerset, Bedford, Fulton, Blair, Cambria, Indiana, Jefferson, Elk, McKean and Cameron

West Virginia Counties...
Hancok, Brooke, Ohio
and Marshal
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